Superior Features

Features that make the Excalibre Torque Anchors Superior to its competition:

  • The Tools are “Centralized” in the casing, so that when, in a horizontal or deviated application, where the oil lies on the bottom of the casing and the gas is on the top side, the tool lifts the Slotted Tag Bar off the casing ID, allowing production to enter ‘all’ intake flutes of the tag bar. The large by-pass area of the tool, allows oil to enter the tag bar from under the tool and along the bottom of the casing, giving “more production, by filling the PC Pump with oil,” not gas. If the bottom intake flutes are blocked by the casing ID., the top intake flutes draw in the gas that is on the top side of the casing, filling the PC Pump with unwanted gas, instead of oil.
  • Maximum by-pass area, to allow for gas migration up the annulus, rather than inside the PC Pump, which causes swelling, of the pump stator elastomer, and premature failure of the PC Pump.
  • The same by-pass area allows the heavy sand and oil to by-pass the tool and get to the intake of the PC Pump/Slotted Tag Bar and not starve the pump of oil, causing failures.
  • This by-pass area eliminates the buildup of sand, on top of the tool, causing the system to be “Stuck in the Well.” Coiled Tubing could be run by, to flush and break-up sand if needed.
  • Multiple teeth on the slips to spread out the Torque Forces per tooth and give a much better gripping ability.
  • Works equally successful in vertical and horizontal wells
  • Solid Drive Pin design, tested and proven to withstand torque forces of up to “15,000 ft. lbs.”
  • Tools can be completely Teflon Coated to resist H2S and CO2 issues, by not allowing the well gases get to the steel of the tool (customer request)
  • The Excalibre Torque Anchors have the ability to carry tech cables, instruments and or capillary lines down well.

Note, we recommend a rebuild kit is put into the Torque Anchor after each use, so that when the Torque Anchor goes back into the well, it is like brand new and will work perfect every time.