Heavy Crude Anchor Catcher (HCA)

Designed to anchor the tubing string from movement in tension or rotation.

HCA-profileThe Heavy Crude Anchor Catcher (HCA) is designed to anchor the tubing string from movement in tension or rotation. The benefits of placing the tubing string in tension, is to ensure that the tubing follows the rod string, as close as possible, to minimize rod wear. A major benefit of the open area bypass design is it allows gas migration up the annulus rather than inside the PC Pump or Rod Pump. Additionally, this open design allows for heavy sand and oil to bypass the anchor.

Benefits: The following are additional features incorporated in the design:

  • Solid high strength slip design with leaf Springs
  • Allows coil tubing to pass by the tool in the larger sizes
  • Open design for gas and sand to by-pass
  • Hardened drag blocks for longer life
  • A 1/4 turn design is available to improve capillary line installations 
  • Simple setting and releasing procedures
  • Teflon coated mandrel for H2S and CO2 applications
  • ➞ LEFT HAND SET – Reciprocating Rod Pump Systems
  • ➞ RIGHT HAND SET – Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems

Operation: The Heavy Crude Anchor Catcher (HCA) is threaded onto the tubing string. The Anchor is run to the setting depth, and approximately three turns are applied to the tubing string in a left or right direction. The anchor is released by rotating the tubing in the opposite direction. Or, it can be released, by pulling tension on the tubing string, above the shear value.



Slim Hole design available on request
Other sizes available on request.