Excalibre Anchor Catcher (EAC)

Designed to anchor the tubing string from movement in tension, compression, or rotation.

EAC-ProfileThe Excalibre Tubing Anchor Catcher (EAC) is designed to anchor the tubing string from movement in tension, compression, or rotation. The advantages of placing the tubing string in tension are to ensure that the tubing follows the rod string as close as possible. The rod string is usually in tension as a result of the pumping forces. If both the tubing and rod strings are in tension the contact between them will be minimized and as a result, tubing and rod wear will also be minimized.

Benefits: The following are additional features incorporated in the design:

  • Compact length
  • Solid high strength slip design
  • Hardened drag blocks for longer life
  • Inconel Springs for longer life and corrosion resistance 
  • High tensile strength mandrel 
  • Simple setting and releasing procedure 
  • Brass Shear pins for secondary shear release 
  • ➞ LEFT HAND SET – Reciprocating Rod Pump Systems
  • ➞ RIGHT HAND SET – Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems

Operation: The Excalibre Tubing Anchor Catcher is threaded onto the tubing string above or below the pump. The anchor is run to the setting depth and three turns are applied to the tubing string to the left or right. The EAC will not allow broken Tubing to fall down well causing extensive damage to Tubing/Pump/Liner. The anchor can either be moved to a different location or pulled from the well. The anchor can also be released by pulling tension on the tubing above the shear value. The anchor can now be removed from the well.



Note: Other tool sizes and thread connections available upon request